How to find an Affordable Auto Insurance?

Currently to drive a car on the bridges and highways of USA it is necessary to have at least the Civil Liability insurance to avoid being fined, although it is advisable to have a more complete coverage to respond effectively to claims that we have not contemplated, which is why not to affect your pocket we share through this content cheap car insurance options.

In USA, as of January 1, 2019, all motor vehicles that circulate within the roads of the country must have a mandatory basic Civil Liability Insurance, which guarantees protection against material or personal damages to third parties.

Such insurance guarantees the indemnification of material and personal damages caused to third parties, and in case of not having at least this basic insurance, the authorities are authorized to fine you with 20 to 40 days of minimum salary, that is, an average of $70-$140 USD

Although as such the Civil Liability Coverage is one of the cheapest insurances that we can hire, in reality this type of coverage can be more expensive for those who suffer the theft of a car or an accident and in some way the insurance does not cover them, but there are those who pay the comprehensive coverage and in the same case, the insurer does take care of the expenses generated by both incidents, so although the type of insurance has a big difference in cost, both operate differently in terms of support.

It is well said that cheap is expensive and when it comes to economic car insurance, we should not go for the lowest cost, but choose the one that best meets the needs of drivers and cars.

But if what you are looking for is a cheap car insurance, you can use the car insurance comparator in Best Car Insurance we have for you, and there you can learn more about the existing coverage and the different types of coverage offered in the packages, that same way you will learn more about the prices and you can make a well thought out purchase and with great savings.

What is the cheapest auto insurance?

The cheapest car insurance with security is the Civil Liability, since as we mentioned before this only takes care of material and personal damages that happen to third parties, thus covering the minimum required by law where you must consider at least 50 thousand to cover property damage and 100 thousand for bodily injury,

This economic car insurance has no further reach to the insured, leaving him/her somehow exposed to any type of problem that may arise in the future. However, if the budget is a problem, contracting a third party damage insurance will be a great option to comply at least with the law.

In our country there is still not a culture of road responsibility, since more than 70% of the population does not have an auto insurance that responds to car damages, but below we will mention the benefits you get by having an auto insurance:

Where to buy cheap car insurance?

Practically in any company you can hire a cheap car insurance since all of them must offer at least the third party damage policy, however, if what you are looking for is also protection for you, the other option of cheap car insurance is the limited coverage, which has all the benefits of a liability insurance, plus coverage against theft, road assistance, legal assistance and medical expenses.

For example: Inbursa Seguros offers an insurance that in addition to having civil liability, covers medical expenses of occupants, in addition to legal and juridical assistance, travel assistance, coverage in the United States and total theft coverage. It is considered one of the most economical car insurances.

Wibe is an insurance company that depends on Seguros BBVA Bancomer and offers civil liability coverage, medical expenses for occupants, legal and juridical assistance, assistance services, coverage in the United States and total theft coverage with a 10% deductible for which you can pay up to $482.69 pesos per month.

Mapfre, being one of the best insurance companies in the country, offers different coverages, such as civil liability coverage, in addition to 15 assistance services, legal defense, among other things.

One of the things that serves for there to be variants within the car insurance and its costs, such as the model of the car, address, age, sex, even to the mode of payment.

That is why the number of coverages you have is also important for the cost to change for better or worse. What is important is that you contemplate all the possible damages that your car may suffer, such as car accidents, theft, natural disasters and more.

How to get affordable auto insurance?

Now that you have an overview of the cheap car insurance offers that exist in Mexico, and that you understand the importance of building a culture of prevention against any type of claims, we share with you some tips to make your search for cheap car insurance a success.

Compare! As in any purchase, you should investigate and evaluate each of the available options to choose the one that best suits your needs, from the scope of coverage to your budget.
Avoid unnecessary coverage! As we mentioned before, the less coverage you have in your policy the more economical it will be, as such it is always better to have a broader insurance than a Civil Liability one, but avoid adding other types of benefits that you will probably not use or that you consider as a luxury.
Consult public institution sites such as the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF) where they share some recommendations to get cheap motorcycle insurance.

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